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Safety Netting

Safety netting is another practical, reliable way of safeguarding workers at elevated heights. Safety nets play a key part in protecting people from injury as a result of falling. They act as a catching device to limit the distance a person falls thus preventing injury.

Safety nets can also protect people below the surface of the net, catching falling debris and tools that could cause harm. Our Safety netting which we hire out is popularly used in construction and building work but can also be used in sport to provide ultimate safety when high up. So, whether you are working on a building project which involves removing bricks or tiles from a roof and replacing them or you are playing sports such as tennis or cricket we'll have you covered. We have worked with a wide range of clients from various backgrounds and have built up a great reputation within the industry and our existing customers have come to expect a certain level of service.

What Are The Benefits of Safety Netting?

Safety netting allows a great deal of flexibility, allowing workers to manoeuvre freely without the restriction of Personal Protection Equipment. Being robust and sturdy, safety netting provides security for all construction work. Safety Nets are also better shock absorbers than rope, providing a softer, more comfortable landing for anyone who falls on them. Our safety nets are made from unique knotless materials so that the fall is more comfortable.

Top Quality Safety Netting For Hire

Our top quality safety netting is made of high quality materials to ensure ultimate durability, stability and reliability perfect for scaffolders or other projects which include working at a height. We understand the importance of safety nets, which is why we always ensure to provide you with the best quality safety netting. As safety equipment providers we understand we are partly responsible for the safety of you and your team, which is why we take our work extremely seriously. All our safety nets are checked thoroughly after each use to ensure they are free of rips or tears, if these do occur; we have a trained specialist to professionally carry out repairs. You can rely on us to give you the best, most reliable safety netting.

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