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Fall Arrest Protection

Fall arrest protection is an excellent means of safety when working at elevated heights. We offer a range of height protection that you can rely on to keep you safe when carrying out work on heights. We have fall arrest protection by reputable brands ensuring excellent quality and giving you complete peace of mind. Our fall arrest protection options are reliable, providing ultimate safety for all your needs.

What Fall Arrest Protection Is Available?

Fall arrest protection comes in various forms. There are vertical and horizontal systems depending on the sort of work you are carrying out. Fall arrest protection systems work by stopping a person that has fallen from a height from falling further. This is particularly useful when workers are working at heights where guards cannot be used, for example on an incomplete building, a rooftop, or a ladder.

Fall arrest protection comes in a variety of forms, from safety nets, ladder hoops and harnesses with shock absorbers. There are two major types of fall arrests protection; general falls arrests and personal fall arrests. The Personal Fall Arrest System is the most popular and it includes four main components. These include anchorage, body wear such as a full body harness, a connector which connects the harness to the anchorage, and a deceleration device which is a shock absorber to prevent further harm to the worker.

Fall Arrest Protection is Vital When Working at Heights

Fall arrest protection is highly important when working on heights. Designed to protect a person who has fallen from a height, our fall arrest protection is all of the highest quality, ensuring durability and ultimate reliability. Using innovative technology, our fall arrest protection is always kept up to date and current, so that you are always getting the best protection. For more information on our fall arrest protection, contact us today on 01691 683620.

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