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Fall Arrest Safety Equipment

Eliminate risks. Maintain safety.

Fall arrest equipment prioritises safety to empowers workers to work at heights with confidence. Our fall arrest equipment can help you to minimise the risk of a fall by ensuring that workers are not exposed to unnecessary risks, when working at heights.

Fall arrest equipment minimises the consequences of a fall by preventing workers from reaching a hazard, using a combination of durable, safe equipment and your safety awareness. You can successfully increase the safety and security of your site by using guardrails around your site to eliminate potential hazards.

Freedom of movement

Fall arrest equipment allows workers to flexibly navigate sites and perform duties wherever they need to be with ease and peace of mind that they will be fully-protected from falling or sustaining damaging injuries. This allows workers to avoid danger points, where a fall could occur, such as along the edge of a roof. However, if a fall were to occur, the worker could perform a quick self-rescue or be rescued by others using our safe and secure fall arrest equipment.

Navigate your site with ease

When managing important projects, it is vital to use fall arrest safety equipment when your workers require the use of rope access to navigate hard-to-reach areas. Implementing scaffolding across a site can become laborious and highly-challenging due to the large sizes of many sites and the necessary scaffolding that would be required throughout the site and surrounding environment.

Fall arrest equipment provides a compact and effective alternative method of protecting sites in a constructive manner, without requiring large amounts of surrounding space and laborious construction, unlike extensive scaffolding. Fall arrest equipment uses specialist materials to protect all on-site personnel from the consequences of falling, providing workers with safety and security so that they can concentrate on performing their duties without unnecessary distractions.

FASET-assured protection

Our experienced specialists ensure that installing, checking, and repairing safety netting is completed to the highest FASET (Fall Arrest Safety Equipment Training) standards to provide you with the optimal protection for your site. Each of our specialists is NVQ and FASET qualified to critically evaluate the risks of your site and to advise you about the most appropriate size and position for your fall arrest equipment, such as implementing guardrails or safety netting.

Fall arrest equipment, such as rope access safety netting, is quick to install, with minimum disruption to your workflow so you can continue to meet deadlines and provide high-quality work. When you require effective fall arrest equipment, you can be confident that we can provide a tried and tested solution that effectively prevents harm to your workers, minimising downtime.

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Fall Arrest Safety Equipment - FAQ's

What is Fall Arrest Safety Equipment?

Fall arrest safety equipment can be many things like anchorage connectors, full body harnesses, absorbing lanyards and self-retracting lifeline. This equipment helps reduce the forces during a fall which means that the risk factor is decreased and safety if increased.

What Does Fall Arrest Mean?

The term fall arrest includes all fall protection. It also includes the protection of stopping someone who is already falling. Basically it is all about the safety of someone working in a situation where falls risk is involved.

When Should You Use Fall arrest systems?

Fall arrest systems should be used when workers are on a construction sites where they’re exposed to drops of 6ft or more. This means that they are safe from falling and that the fall risk is decreased.

What are the different types of fall protection?

There are two main types of fall arrest equipment nets which are most common and lifelines which are a more personal type of fall protection. The fall arrest equipment only co into use when a fall occurs however it is needed to insure that everyone is safe.

What are the legal responsibilities when working on roofs?

These responsibilities include working at height, roof access, fragile roofs, and risks that are associated with electricity. However when roof work is classed as high risk construction work you must follow the legal responsibilities religiously to make sure no issues occur.

Do all roofers need fall protection?

It is necessary that all employers provide workers with fall protection equipment when they are working 6 feet or more above a lower level. There are fall protection systems which can provide employees the flexibility they to complete all work set.