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Safety Edge Protection

Safety edge protection is ultimately designed to protect roofers from falling from heights. We offer a range of safety edge protection solutions to ensure that workers receive complete safety, preventing falls and injury.

Whatever level of a building you are working at, we have the relevant safety devices for you. Our team are highly trained in all aspects of the supply and installation and we constantly monitor our work to ensure consistant high quality. We supply and install safety edge protection for you, so you can rest assured that you have complete safety whilst working. We understand that for any project the main concern is to ensure that everyone on site is safe, both those working at heights and those working below them.

Our Range of Top Quality Safety Edge Protection

It is important that it is installed correctly and made of high quality materials to ensure ultimate safety. Our safety edge protection uses clamps to secure onto the edges of buildings, allowing it to be secured to various types of eaves and edges including structural steelwork, structural timber and concrete frames. The barriers are lightweight and easy to install, whilst also being tough and durable. No matter the size of your project you can rely on our team to provide you with the perfect solution.

Safety edge protection provides safety to workers without affecting the integrity of the building. They are easy to install and extremely durable and robust, providing maximum security with ease. We are experienced in the field of safety edge protection, so you can rely on us to offer trustworthy advice and good quality services. For more information on our safety edge protection and the other services we offer, contact us today on 01691 683620.

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