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Safety Netting

Safety netting is a vital component of scaffolding. Not only are falls from height the major cause of death and injury at work for those employed working at height, but on a construction site it's all too easy for tools, materials and equipment to fall and potentially serious harm to people – and property – on the ground below.

This is why safety netting is the perfect solution, and our range makes it more affordable than ever. Good building practice, and the Work at Height Regulations 2005, require site managers to ensure that the risks are minimized, not only to avoid tragedy for workers, but also to avoid costly delays and potentially ruinous lawsuits.

Our Safety Nets offer protection to employee's, equipment & the public!

We have been supplying and fixing high quality nets to scaffolding for many years. We like to think we've saved the lives, and avoided serious injury, of a fair number of workers and stakeholders at construction sites all over the UK. Not to mention the valuable bits of kit that our nets have caught in one piece when they were heading for a high-speed encounter with solid ground! Our safety netting is specially designed for use with scaffolding:

  • Unique, knotless construction, providing a safe and comfortable fall
  • Regular testing, with specialists available for repair or replacement where necessary
  • High shock absorption properties
  • Skilled, trained and experienced installation

Safety Netting along with Personal Protective Equipment - For ultimate safety

Our safety netting is not a substitute for effective PPE (Personal Protective Equipment), good working practices, proper supervision or plain common sense when working at height. As a construction professional, though, you'll be only too aware of how risky it can be even when all the proper PPE, ropes, barriers and efficient workers are in place. Our safety netting provides that extra reassurance that your project, the public, your clients, and most of all your workforce, are all at minimal risk on your site. Contact us today for a free quote on 01691 683620 and one of our team will gladly answer any queries you may have.

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