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Safety Nets / Safety Netting

Safety Nets / Safety Netting is a crucial tool for your company to maintain health and safety standards, providing effective and enduring protection for workers in the event of a fall, preventing serious injuries and devastating consequences. Once installed, Safety Nets / Safety Netting provide instant protection, giving everyone on your site and the surrounding vicinity peace of mind.

In addition to saving lives, our Safety Nets / Safety Netting can also catch all the valuable equipment that may fall on sites, so you can be assured your investments are secured with our effective solution. It can be all too easy for tools, building materials and construction equipment to fall and potentially cause harm to any surrounding people and property. Prevent accidents before they happen by carefully positioning safety netting around potentially dangerous areas of your site, so we can empower you to work with the confidence that you are protected from harm.

We offer an affordable range of safety netting, so you can choose the most appropriate safety netting for you at a low cost, without compromising the quality of this essential piece of protective equipment. Abiding by the Work at Height Regulations of 2005, our safety netting minimizes potential risks avoiding disastrous consequences for you and your workers, which can incur costly delays and lawsuits.

We have been dedicated to successfully supplying, installing and maintaining high quality safety netting for a range of construction sites across many years. By installing safety nets, we strive to improve site safety, saving countless lives and preventing costly injuries in the process Contact us today for a free quote on 01691 683620 and one of our team will gladly answer any queries you may have.

Safety Nets
Safety Nets

Low Cost. High Quality.

Our Safety Nets / Safety Netting is specifically designed to provide low-cost protection without sacrificing quality:

  • Durable fall protection in a unique, knotless form factor
  • Safety netting supports indoors and outdoors use, wherever it is needed
  • Dust-proof and fire-proof
  • Withstands harsh weather conditions to provide effective protection in any environment
  • Provide high shock absorption to reduce the speed and consequences of falls
  • Skilled and experienced specialist installation
  • Regular testing with specialists available for repair or replacement where necessary

Save Time. Save Lives.

Safety Nets / Safety Netting are ideal for any time-sensitive building environment, with a light and breathable construction that is exceptionally adaptable, offering several configurations to address your needs and important safety issues.

Our Safety Nets / Safety Netting effectively reduces the load weight on both the falling individual and where it is attached, protecting your workers and site properties. Safety nets stretch accordingly to provide individuals with a comfortable landing, reducing the impact speed and energy of their fall.

Safety Nets / Safety Netting plays a significant role in ensuring safety in the event of a fall and facilitate a safer working environment at every level of your site, limiting any potential damage to individuals and well-crafted work. Safety netting provides robust and impact-resistant fall protection, inspiring the confidence of your workers and addressing health and safety guidelines in a cost-effective solution.

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